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Wedding photography with HEART. Every wedding is different and your photos shouldn't be the same as everyone else's. Documentary. Honest. Deep. Joyful. Intentional. Emotional.
Visual Poetry for the feelings we can't put to words.

Editorial Imagery with Soul


To leave you with images you keep coming back to over and over again. Your wedding story told as ART. Emotion-packed imagery with feeling and depth. INTENTIONAL AND HONEST.

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Documentary photography for those who want to really experience their day.

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So much more than just photos.

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For when home is a person. The biggest feelings on the biggest days of our lives. This is about catching lightning in a bottle. The magic in the mundane. Time is fleeting. Memories are what we cling to. My job is to take those memories and freeze them in time. Preserve them and all the feelings that went with them. Beautifully. Honestly.

It's about those feelings that can't be put into words. 

Because you want to really experience your day. My approach centers on being present. It's a mix of careful and honest preservation without stepping in when it's unneeded. It's about allowing what's in front of me to unfold and then capture it in a beautiful way. No redoing moments for the camera or making your day feel like one big photo shoot. 

So why hire a documentary wedding photographer? 

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I will catch all the moments, big and small. The belly laughs from dad. The quiet happy tears from mom. The way your spouse looks at you when you're not watching. The way your dress moves in the wind. Your nieces and nephews and cousins and chosen family. It's all important and worthy of documentation and I am here for it all. 

The art of actually *noticing* is my expertise.

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Timeless, emotional, and empathy-led documentation. My work is a little bit of me and a whole lot of you combined to create a lasting legacy as ART. Emotion-led and documentary photography LASTS. Your memories aren't trends. The photos, the moments, the memories, and the edits will stand the test of time, only getting better with age. A mix of classic and perfectly imperfect compositions culminating in a gallery you'll love forever.

These photos should hold up forever.

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“Karson is a TRUE ARTIST. Any shoot with her is a truly special experience."

Karson possesses the empathy and insight to make ANY human feel comfortable, powerful, capable, and seen. 

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