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I currently reside in Ogden, Utah. Despite this, I rarely work here and do most of my work out of state. I spend most of busy season traveling (March-October) and wouldn't trade it for anything. On my list for 2024: Colorado, Oregon, California (all over), Wisconsin, Southern Utah, and more. 

Start off by sending me an inquiry via my contact form! Click HERE to inquire. From there I will send you some info + schedule a call to get to know your needs and wants so I can send you a custom pricing quote. Should you decide we are a match, I will send over a contract and retainer agreement so we can finalize getting you on my books! 

In order to keep a good work/life balance and a reasonable editing schedule, I keep my bookings low. Since most of my jobs are out of state I keep my bookings to a MAX of 20 events a year. This ensures my clients get my best every single time. This number is sometimes lowered to accommodate multi-day events or international travel. 

I am currently implementing more film into my work and workflow. I offer rolls of film to be added to your coverage but I would not consider myself a full hybrid photographer. Basically, if the moment feels incredibly important and I want to ensure it is not missed, I will opt for digital. BUT, I do like to edit in a true to color way that honors that film look. 

For the 2024 season, I have placed my turnaround times at 10-12 weeks. This ensures no rushing on your gallery so you get the VERY best I have to offer. All clients will receive a preview or "sneek peek" gallery in their inbox 1-2 weeks after their event as well so you will have something to share much sooner than 12 weeks. This is usually 100+ images. 

This is totally dependant upon the day, the events, the amount of hours I was there, and many other factors. Most galleries range from 700-1000 but I make no guarantees on how many photos each wedding will get. Rest assured that I will deliver a robust gallery with pictures of every important moment and everything in-between. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule a new retainer will be required to secure the new date. 

My answer to this 99% of the time will be EMBRACE IT! Some of my favorite images ever were done in inclement weather. Click HERE to see one of my favorite examples of this. The exceptions: if the shoot involves very small children who will be too cold/upset in the weather or if the weather poses a danger to you or I or my equipment. 

All travel fees are included in the custom quotes that I send out to you, not unnecessarily split out, making the process easy as you don't ever have to worry about booking my travel. I base my travel on averages from the prior year as well as research that I do upon receiving your inquiry for current pricing trends for that location. 

Don't you worry. EVERY single  human that has stepped in front of my camera has said this. I personally feel SUPER awkward in front of the camera. BUT my job is to guide you every step of the way and give you stunning images. My process is part hands on and part hands off, leaving room for real moments while not leaving you feeling lost. 

Yes, and no. While I do run every photo I edit through photoshop for minor tweaks such as spot removal or to remove unwanted distractions, I do not provide other services such as: head-swapping, photoshopping in a guest who wasn't there, making your mom look skinnier, etc. If you want those, I can refer you to a professional retoucher.  

Yes. Every client is required to sign a contract and pay a 50% non-refundable retainer upon booking/to secure their spot on my calendar. This saves the date for your session/is often used for booking my travel. See the questions above for my cancellation and rescheduling policy. 

After the images are completed, you will receive a digital gallery of all of your photos via Pic-Time. (This will include your film and digital photos. *film is sometimes delayed due to developers.) As for polaroids, those will be given to you directly after your wedding to keep, either in an album or a bag depending on what you opted for in your proposal. 

Unless it is an elopement, I choose to keep the planning of the actual day to the professional wedding planners. I can help with photo timelines. I highly recommend to ALL of my couples that they hire a wedding planner or coordinator. This ensures you can enjoy your day without worrying about timelines and I can focus entirely on the job of capturing lasting memories for you. 

Absolutely, Yes! In fact, I prefer when my couples allow me to recommend ideas to them to ensure we execute the full vision they are hoping to achieve. If you are looking for style recommendations, colors, and what to wear, I will always have an answer for you. If you prefer I don't give style recommendations to you, that's totally cool too. 

This is a hard one to answer in a small box but I would say this: A documentary photographer prefers real moments over staged ones. A documentary photographer views your weddings through the lens of a guest or close loved one, preferring to capture things exactly as they happened and not stepping in unless necessary or during planned portraits. 

Full day coverage ensures you NEVER have to choose which moments are "more" important. I am there from start to finish, without pesky hourly charges that bog down your budget. All clients, minus vow renewals, receive full day coverage. This allows a truly documentary and stress free experience for me and for you. 

This is usually a hard no, as this is my full-time job and income. This year (2024) I am looking to work more in my home state of Utah, so I am offering discounts on all Utah based weddings for this year only. If interested, please inquire.